How to install and buy a clock face

  • Open Fitbit app on your phone, click on your account icon and then select your device
  • Select Clock Faces -> All Clocks and then search and select the clock face you want to buy
  • The clock face will take a few seconds to install on your device
  • After a small trial period (some clocks may not have any trial period), a 6 digit code will pop up on your device
  • Now go to and enter the code on your clock face there
  • Provide a valid email address and purchase it using Paypal or credit card
  • You will now receive an email about your purchase and the clock will be unlocked automatically

I already purchased a clock face but it is asking me to pay again

  • Unfortunately, Fitbit does not always recognize you again after (re)installing an app, so the system might think you are a new customer when that happens, and might ask you to pay again.
  • Luckily you can unlock your app again for free here.
    Just enter the code it is showing you and the e-mail address you used for the original purchase and you will be up and running again in no time.

I purchased a clock directly from the shop link but I never got a purchase code

  • We do not send you a purchase code in your email, and you do not need a code to switch to the purchased clockface.
  • Instead, you first install the new clockface or app you want. To install the clock face that you purchased:
  • Open Fitbit app on your phone, click on your account icon and then select your device
    Select Clock Faces -> All Clocks and then search and select the clock face you purchased by its name.
    The clock face will take a few seconds to install on your device
    Then wait for it to ask you to pay again. As soon as that happens you can unlock it again for free by going to using the code it shows you on the watch at that moment.
  • If for some reason it does not ask you to pay again, that isn’t a problem and you can just use the clockface as is, the functionality is exactly the same before and after unlocking.

Is this a one-time or recurring payment?

  • All the apps and clockfaces are one time payments for a lifetime license.
  • However, because we cannot always recognize you again after you remove and reinstall an app or clockface, it might ask for payment again if you ever remove and reinstall it.
  • When that happens you can unlock it again for free by going to

I do not want to purchase this app/clockface. How do I stop these messages?

I am unable to install a clock face after selecting it. It seems to be installing endlessly

  • Unfortunately, this is a common issue while installing clock faces and apps on Fitbit devices.
  • The easiest way out is to install any other clockface, then close the Fitbit app and reopen it and then try to install the desired clock face.
  • Incase this doesn’t work, restart your device and ensure the bluetooth connection between your App and device is active by syncing it and then try to install it.

I want to install a clock face but the select option in the Fitbit gallery is greyed out

  • This can happen for multiple reasons
  • Your device is not supported for this clock face
    Your device is not up to date. You can follow instructions here to update it
    Your Fitbit app is not up to date
    The Bluetooth connection between your device and App is lost. Try to sync it to ensure the connection is good
    You can try installing another clockface first and then try to see if now the select option is available

I see an “This app requires the internet permission to be granted” error while installing the app

  • When installing a clock face, you are asked to give some permissions to the watch face, like Internet permission. We need an Internet connection to communicate with our payment provider, so we can validate your purchase.
  • You can give Internet permission from the Fitbit app, in the clock face permissions. Or you can simply install a different clock face, then reinstall our clock face and select the Internet permission.

I accidently removed my clock face. How do I get it back?

  • Just search for the clock face in the Fitbit app gallery and reinstall it
    If you are asked to pay again, simply unlock it for free HERE

I am not satisfied with my purchase. How do I get a refund

  • If you still need a refund, we as developers cannot refund you directly. You can contact the Kiezel Pay team HERE and they will be able to help you out

What is Kiezel Pay or KPay? Is it safe?

  • KiezelPay is a secure and simple gateway for us developers to receive payments for smartwatch apps and watch-faces that we make.

    It is perfectly safe to pay for the watch faces through Kiezel Pay!

Bundle Issues

  • A bundle or a package is a group of clocks that we offer to buy together at a discounted rate
    You can view all our bundles HERE

Where to see / How to install the clock faces that I purchased in a bundle?

  • After you have purchased our bundle, you will receive an e-mail showing all the clockfaces/apps in the bundle with a download button next to each one of them.Use that download button to go to the appstore and install the clockface/app on your watch.
    If you cannot find the e-mail any more, you can perform a lookup of all your purchases HERE
    Note: These download links only work if you use them on the phone or tablet on which you have installed the Fitbit app!
    If the download button does not take you to the appstore, you can use the search functionality in the appstore to find the app/clockface instead.

Some of the stats show “undefined” on my clock face

  • This typically happens when the user has not given all the required permissions for the clock face to function properly

You can remove the clock face and freshly install it again, this time making sure you give all the requested permissions properly

How can I access my clock face settings

  • Many times a clock face allows you change some parameters or choose images from your phone through the clock’s settings

These settings are accessible on the phone or tablet having the Fitbit app

In the app, go to your account and click on your device

Now select the ‘Clock Faces’ option and select your clock face whose settings you want to access

You will now see the ‘Settings’ option here. This is where you can upload images, change colors or choose backgrounds for the clocks as required

I changed a setting for my clock face but it did not take effect

  • This seems to be a connectivity issue between the Fitbit app and the watch. You can try the following steps:Check if the Bluetooth connection on your phone is ON and the watch is connected via Bluetooth with your phone. The settings are sent via a socket connection over Bluetooth.
    If the Bluetooth connection is on, try to turn it off, then back on, to reset the connection between the device and the phone. After the watch reconnects to the phone, restart the Fitbit app.

The clock looks different from the preview or it has an error or a bug or it is just not working

  • Please contact us at [email protected] and report the issue you are facing with the following details:

    Clock face name
    Your device details
    We we look into the issue with topmost priority and fix the bug at the earliest.

Fitbit Firmware Issues

  • Update your Fitbit device by following the instructions here
    You can check the latest firmware version available for your device here (the last three parts of the number will be the ones you need to check under your device’s heading)

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